iPhones and kids

I was at the shops yesterday and I kept passing all these kids sitting in the trolley with iPhones. This wasnt the first time I’ve seen this and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. When I was little I used to help my mum with the shopping and if I was good I would get a matchbox car. But now it’s changed to if my kids screaming give him angry birds.

I just don’t think its right, normally I embrace tech revolutions but this is one I feel like the iPhones giving him/her playtime instead of him/her playing with toys and making their own stories which is more creative.

EWWWWW and also OH MY GOD!!! I was in Target and I was paying for some things and the guy cashier had these really long nails. But not just “havent clipped in a while” nails, these were like he actually grew them. One hand was all normal then the other had these long manicured nails.

ANYWAY share your thoughts in the comments below…and dont be afraid anyone can comment and I love comments


Funny picture tuesday

Okay so this is a new thing I’m adding. Its called funny picture tuesday and I dont really think I need to explain but I also want an official day for the new video so I’ll do that sometime this week…

I’m fat

So I’m starting a new diet/fitness/I don’t know what you call it thing today. It’s where I do an hour of Wii fit everyday and try to cut down dinner and I’m only allowed sweets and those foods every so long. I’m not that big but I just feel big and I don’t want to be one of those people saying that its models that do this because I am a model and everybody is so nice and everybody and anybody can be a model.

There are more types of models than just the ones you see in Vogue. Theres models for McDonald’s commercials, models for denature repair, models for +size stores and so on. So I blame it on the way people judge each other and this doesn’t just go for weight this goes for other things like what you’re wearing.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve toned down what I’m wearing to have people give me looks like “ummm WTF”. But back to my diet, I have a few dot points that I’ve learnt that are crucial in dieting and are the mistakes people always make that can leave them gaining weight…

STARVING YOURSELF MAKES YOU GAIN WEIGHT: really skinny people starve themselves and think that it lets them lose weight but to put it shortly it actually slows down your metabolism and makes you gain weight the only way some people get away with it is they have a fast metabolism to begin with.

HAVE SNACKS: to speed up your metabolism is to constantly eat lots of small meals instead of big meals.

EAT BREAKFAST: this is the biggest mistake people make, the quickest way to speed up your metabolism and lose weight is to have a big breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner mixed in with small snacks.

So there my tips and opinions. What do you think? comment below…


Get into the Christmas spirit

When it comes to holidays I don’t usually go crazy with decorations to really get into the mood. The only holidays I get into is Easter (for the chocolate) and Christmas. Right from when I was really little me and my family always put up decorations around this time of year which everybody thinks is strange because they do it a week or two before. But it gets you into the christmas spirit and it could save you money.

Has it happened to you where you go out and your shopping with a friend and you see some cheap christmas stuff and you think wow that’s cheap and you just get it not realising that you already go one last year at the after christmas sales. Orrrr at the after Christmas sales you just load up and up and so now you have wayyy too much Christmas stuff. Well if you had them already out maybe someone could save some money to make a cake or buy some crayons for themself.

anyway the main reason is that you have more time for your house to be lit up by beautiful lights and little santa ornaments fill up every little corner. So get your Christmas on. Comment below and tell me what you think.

How to pass exams

I have been having exams for the last few days and I can’t help but notice that whenever I finish early and I look over I just see people sitting there wanting to kill themselves so I came up with a list of things to do when you finish early to avoid wanting to kill yourself:

6. Bring in paper and crayons so you can draw pictures of ponies

5. Annoy people around you by moving around in your chair

4. Go do wee

3. Colour in erasers

2. Close your eyes and go to your special place

1. Work on yo nailzz


Do you have any tips? comment below…

Taking the blame

Have you ever taken the blame for someone and then the person wasnt even grateful?? Well today I took the blame for my friend and they were just like “mmk thanx” and its like WTF!! I just got yelled at for you and got told all these thing which I had to sit through when I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG.

I don’t know I just….just had to say that. If someone takes the blame for you give them money…everyone likes money. Except for hippies they think money can buy happiness even though I think I would be pretty happy with a gajillion dollars.

Share, open up free your soul like a hippie and comment belowww

(oh and also that exam post thing will be up tomorrow)


I KNOW, I KNOW ITS OLD BUT I STILL LOVE IT. Oh and I’m sorry I havent put up a post in a few days. I’ve been soooo busy with exams but ill be putting a post up tomorrow hopefully. hint hint its about examzzzz…

Eww kids

I don’t know why but I’m terrible with kids. I don’t mind most of them but I never seem much fun, BUT I AAAAMMMM FUN!! today 2 kids came to our house and I try to be fun but I run out of things to talk about. I can start a good conversation with a person just not kids. Let me give you an example…

ME: hey there (insert name)

KID: goo goo (or whatever the hell they say)

ME: how are you?

KID: good

ME: hows school?

KID: good

ME: have you made any friends?

KID: no

ME: (run out of things to say so stand there in an awkward silence)


Yeah that’s what I mean. How do you stand with kids? comment belowwwww

New people

You know something that annoys me? When somebody new joins your group of friends but nobody actually asks if its okay if they can. I’ll give you an example…2 days ago this person sat with my group at lunch, which I thought wassssssss…. but I didnt really mind. Then the next day she sits with us again, so I feel like why didnt anyone even try to ask me?

Its not that I dont like new people its just that I would be fine if the person that invited her just said “do you mind if blah blah blah hangs out with us?” then I would be fine. But someone just randomly sitting with us and not even introducing her (because I didnt know who this bitch was) then I feel a bit like the rest of us dont count in the group. Not that I want to be one of thooossssseeee people though.

But I’ll see how it goes if shes there again today, I’ll let you know. Have this ever happened to you? Have you been the new person?

You know what that brings up something else. Its even worse for the new person because they’ve probably lost friends or something and just want some friends. But they dont get introduced or acknowleged acept for the people whispering “whats this girl sitting with us? who the hell does she think she is?”

Okay NOW I’m done.

Be spontaneous

Whenever you make plans with someone the more further away it is the more it gets in the way. Let me give an example… Just say I made plans for my friends and I to go the beach. As it gets closer if anything happens like you get sick and you can’t go everyone gets angry at you no matter how serious it is.

They think that it’s because you don’t want to go and that you ruin their time. Have you ever noticed this, it’s actually like they feel you’ve planned to be sick. I’ve done it we’ve all done it before. But now here’s the opposite of why you should be a bit more spontaneous…

Its friday and I don’t have anything on tomorrow so I ask a few friends if they want to go to the beach. This is foolproof becauuussseee:

– You don’t get a chance to think about it twice to have doubts

– If someone can’t go you know straight away

– If nobody can come when you ask its okay because you weren’t looking forward to it a lot to start off with

– Its being fun and fun is fun

So be spontaneous or stay at home eating and crying because everybody hates you. Have you ever been spontaneous? comment belowww