I was thinking how I was going to introduce myself in my first post for days now but I can’t but that makes my brain hurt, sooooo I thought I would just jump in a start a post. There is ALOT to me and you’ll discover everything about me soon enough.

I needed some 3DS credit today so I had to go to a gaming store to buy some. And I cant help but notice that every time I go into or out of a game store a feel awkward and nerdy and like I’m a loser. I kept on thinking about why this is and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I finally realised that it’s the way the stuff they sell is put out.

Have you noticed that when there’s a sale there either put in lots of small piles or put into long rows to go through. The tables themselves are put rather low and when you go through them you just seem like a creepo living in a basement because your either quickly flicking your way through the rows or your rearranging the piles so you can see the games on the bottom. ORRRRR even worse in the isle type things you just stand there and stare at the games like you’re a pedophile.

You might be thinking “grocery stores are the same slut” but at least grocery stores have trolleys. Mix that up with the looks you get from onlookers that you going in s game store you just feel like crawling in a box and dying. So that’s what I be thinking about that! leave a comment and say what you think.


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  1. humanous says:

    this is why you buy/order your games online ^_^

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