I know it seems desperate having 2 posts in the same day but this bitch just aint stoppinnn.  It’s now day 3 with her and I want to kill someone, she basically lives to eat. she follows everyone around and begs for food but not in a cute way either in a gross senior dog way. whenever I go to a room that has a form of food in, like the laundry or kitchen, shes there like a horror movie or something. when she breathes it sounds like a light grunting and a struggle to stay alive.

To give you an idea of how obese she is, when she’s at the home she lives at she actually eats anything she finds on the floor, like rubbish and crap. One time I saw her eat a pig ear in under 30 seconds. I Could go on but I thought for the rest of the time she’s here I could give fat facts about her.

One more little thing for today as I’m writing this, its raining heavy outside and I just saw her walk slowly in the rain like there’s nothing there. Is this bitch deaf or something?? And now I have no idea where the flim flam she’s at.


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