Okay so I got my laptop back and I was sitting here going “what am I gonna say” when I got a call. I HAVE BEEN GETTING CALLS ALL OF THIS WEEK!! from this weird number and I always answer and say hayyyy and then they hang up and I’m all like WTF because that’s just a little crayzay. I do however think I might know who it may be.

I got this text from someone who was saying stuff like “I’m looking forward to thursday” and asking me if I RSVPD yet. Then it said from Magz. Who is Magz, I DONT KNOW ANY MAGZ! so wrong number.

But the calls havent stopped and I get one at least everyday and the next time they call I’m gonna say “STOP CALLING BITCH I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE, KAYY??

But this isn’t the first time I got messages from random people. I get calls and messages all the time. Most of the time it’s just funny, like I got this one on my voicemail that I kept that I thought was funny which sounded like a loud bunch of mumbling and swearing… anyways that’s whats been happening with me.

whats been happening with you?? comment below!!!!!


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