For the last week or even 2 by now I have been getting calls, texts and message bank messages from random peeps. But not your normal sorry wrong number then that’s it, these ones are all WTF.

It all started with a text from this girl saying things like “hello lovely ladies. I hope your all well….If you havent already RSVPD for the Kitchen Tea”… And I already knew that this wasnt ANY of my friends, not because of the number but because of correct punctuation and all that crap. My friends texts are more like “hurry upp slut I donnt have all dayyyyyy”.

But I just assumed that she would have this little tea or whatever and then realise that she got the wrong number and that would be it, but then I get a text saying thanks for a great time, your really good friends. So being the nice person I am I said “I think you have the wrong number”. Which I got no response to…then the calls started.

For about a week I kept getting calls from this number at random times of the day. And I would almost always answer and say hello then they would just hang up. EVERY TIME!! So I was like ummmm OMGWTFFFFF then they stopped.

But this isn’t weird for me, I always get funny or weird things happen. About 4 weeks ago I got this voice message and it was this girl mumbling into the phone and I couldn’t understand a word but I do think I heard a few colourful words in there but it always makes me laugh so I keep it.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? do you get crazy calls and messages and poo? leave a comment below.


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