Yesterday me and my friends were sitting on the tables eating, minding our own things we have to attend to when one of the year 9 sluts throws a piece of rubbish at our friends. I saw something fly past and I said “what was that” as you would. But when my friend said it was one of the year 9 sluts throwing something I wanted to make some people bleed.

Nothing annoys me more than the year 9 sluts at our school. This wasnt the first time that they threw something, they have before. They threw a tangerine but I think they were throwing it at each other than it missed. But either way I swear if they do one more thing i am going to throw something over there sooo good. except I can’t think of anything just right yet but I will.

Back to the story…being the person I am I shouted “DONT WORRY ITS JUST THE WHORE BAGS” and me and my friend bec shouted words like chlamydia and yeast infected skanks. Anyway, that was my day and I thought you might want to know some stories about the girls at my school that really get me homicidal.

comment below and tell me about whores that you know…


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