I’ve seen paranormal activity 1 and 2 and I never found them scary, it was more the suspense of something about to happen. However number 3 is alot different. If you’re wondering if its scary or not then it was but it wasnt. To be honest it isn’t the scariest movie I’ve ever seen but it works well because your constantly in that feeling of somethings gonna happen. Anyway I divided it into sections to make it easier to explain…

IT IS BECAUSE: the way its filmed is like that moment in a scary movie when you know somethings about to pop out but you don’t know when, which makes it a bit more scary.

IT ISNT BECAUSE: however more of it isn’t for me. What I find scary is when you actually have freaky things popping out at you, but it’s just weird things happening and you don’t actually see anything but a dark figure.

WHAT ANNOYED ME: I’ve seen most of the trailers and I noticed that half of that stuff wasnt actually in the movie, things like the exorcism and just extra footage. Which means that it could have been longer than just and hour and a half. So I just want to mention that…

HOWEVER: I still loved it and I think you need to watch it because number 3 is the best so far. The best part is the last 15 minutes, that’s when everything completely changes and it leaves you going OH MY GOD WHHHAAAAATTTT.

SPOILER ALERT: I neeeeeeeed to mention this. I just found the freakiest bit the end when the guy goes outside and all of those women that was part of the cult were there and he ran around the house and all the symbols were on the walls. then you see his wife hanging lifeless on top of the staircase. and the freakiest bit was finding out the grandmother was the main one and when she broke his back TWICE that was just ewwwww. Those last 15 minutes were messed up.

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