Tip 1: preparation is key so make sure you have alot of boyfriend breakup foods. Such as cake, chocolate, whipping cream and anything else that’s going to make your legs look like cottage cheese.

Tip 2: Ignore people dressed as whore skeletons because that would give them self-respect and worth.

Tip 3:  poison People’s plants because you have a hate for humanity.

Tip 4: When kids come to your door take their candy.

Tip 5: When you see ugly kids at your door spray chlorine in their little mouths.

Tip 6: Cut yourself.

Tip 7: Go to Zachary Kingdom because it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen ever.

Tip 8: Eat all of your food in the first 10 minutes because your depressed.

Tip 9: Eat the cats food.

Tip 10: Cry.


Now all you have to do is enjoy the amazing Halloween you’ve set up for yourself.


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