Today I went to the city for the day for Japanese, IT WAS A FANJANGULOUS OUTING!!! But you get some people in the city…some people you just do-not know about. I had a few like that today. But nothing out of the normal gutter sluts, homeless people and freaky emos that you normally see.

We were running around the city in an amazing race type competition. We were almost done and just running to the finish when I heard this guy shouting. Then I see this big blank space with no people and in the middle this man shouting stuff about jesus. I was trying to listen and I think he knew that no-one was listening.

He was saying things like “you think you know about that well it isn’t and bible jesus HELP ME GOD”…. so I was a bit like what are you trying to gain from this? he didn’t look crazy, he was well dressed, he wasnt selling anything and he wasnt recording this stuff for YouTube. Sooooo that was my day.

But other than that I had a jammennn day. How have you been doing?? comment below ITS FREEEEEEEE!!!!!


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