One thing that really gets me going is when people show up late to class first period and just put their head on the desk or constantly keep yawning. Even though they wake up 8:00am which means they have enough sleep even if they went to bed at midnight. And then they come to where I’m trying to get some education and they just complain about how they cant do this because they’re too tired. Well here’s a big bright idea for you DONT STAY UP UNTIL 1 AM WATCHING TEEN MOM SO THE NEXT DAY ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN AND PLAY HEADS DOWN THUMBS UP ON THE DESKS BECAUSE YOUR SLEEP DEPRIVED!!

It’s not even the fact that they cam late or that they complained about what work were doing. It’s the fact that they keep yawning and yawning and pretending that its nap time now. They don’t know nothing, I go to bed 10:30 and wake up at 5:00am so by the time I go to sleep I get about 6 hours of sleep even though we need 8 to be normal. Wanna know my secret…

ROUTINE!! I have an exact schedule that I live by every day in the morning and it’s not even complicated its just goes like this…

5:00: wake up

5:10: eat breakfast

5:40: get changed

6:00: feed pets so they don’t die

6:20: go on computer until 8

seriously and I do that and I don’t come complaining I do my work and get education so I can have a life. Now I’m not saying be a freak like me but just get some sleep, get a Tivo and record teen mom or just see the person your on IM with the next day. Comment below and give me your thoughts.


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  1. Jan Simson says:

    I’ve been trying to go to bed at a decent time, but I never manage to fall asleep earlier than 1:00, even though I don’t watch Teen Mom.
    I used to be able to go to sleep at 10:30 and wake up at 6:00. And then I turned 17.
    Cool post, by the way!

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