Whenever you make plans with someone the more further away it is the more it gets in the way. Let me give an example… Just say I made plans for my friends and I to go the beach. As it gets closer if anything happens like you get sick and you can’t go everyone gets angry at you no matter how serious it is.

They think that it’s because you don’t want to go and that you ruin their time. Have you ever noticed this, it’s actually like they feel you’ve planned to be sick. I’ve done it we’ve all done it before. But now here’s the opposite of why you should be a bit more spontaneous…

Its friday and I don’t have anything on tomorrow so I ask a few friends if they want to go to the beach. This is foolproof becauuussseee:

– You don’t get a chance to think about it twice to have doubts

– If someone can’t go you know straight away

– If nobody can come when you ask its okay because you weren’t looking forward to it a lot to start off with

– Its being fun and fun is fun

So be spontaneous or stay at home eating and crying because everybody hates you. Have you ever been spontaneous? comment belowww


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