You know something that annoys me? When somebody new joins your group of friends but nobody actually asks if its okay if they can. I’ll give you an example…2 days ago this person sat with my group at lunch, which I thought wassssssss…. but I didnt really mind. Then the next day she sits with us again, so I feel like why didnt anyone even try to ask me?

Its not that I dont like new people its just that I would be fine if the person that invited her just said “do you mind if blah blah blah hangs out with us?” then I would be fine. But someone just randomly sitting with us and not even introducing her (because I didnt know who this bitch was) then I feel a bit like the rest of us dont count in the group. Not that I want to be one of thooossssseeee people though.

But I’ll see how it goes if shes there again today, I’ll let you know. Have this ever happened to you? Have you been the new person?

You know what that brings up something else. Its even worse for the new person because they’ve probably lost friends or something and just want some friends. But they dont get introduced or acknowleged acept for the people whispering “whats this girl sitting with us? who the hell does she think she is?”

Okay NOW I’m done.


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