Have you ever taken the blame for someone and then the person wasnt even grateful?? Well today I took the blame for my friend and they were just like “mmk thanx” and its like WTF!! I just got yelled at for you and got told all these thing which I had to sit through when I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG.

I don’t know I just….just had to say that. If someone takes the blame for you give them money…everyone likes money. Except for hippies they think money can buy happiness even though I think I would be pretty happy with a gajillion dollars.

Share, open up free your soul like a hippie and comment belowww

(oh and also that exam post thing will be up tomorrow)


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  1. Naomi Ogaldez says:

    Haha this post made me laugh! Regardless tough, I totally agree with you in the sense that the person should be grateful. I have taken the blame for my bro so many times because he has broken something and I remember my mom would lecture and spank me when I was growing up. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty. When he wouldn’t show his thankfulness to me. It would piss me off soooo much. Gosh. Memories…

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