When it comes to holidays I don’t usually go crazy with decorations to really get into the mood. The only holidays I get into is Easter (for the chocolate) and Christmas. Right from when I was really little me and my family always put up decorations around this time of year which everybody thinks is strange because they do it a week or two before. But it gets you into the christmas spirit and it could save you money.

Has it happened to you where you go out and your shopping with a friend and you see some cheap christmas stuff and you think wow that’s cheap and you just get it not realising that you already go one last year at the after christmas sales. Orrrr at the after Christmas sales you just load up and up and so now you have wayyy too much Christmas stuff. Well if you had them already out maybe someone could save some money to make a cake or buy some crayons for themself.

anyway the main reason is that you have more time for your house to be lit up by beautiful lights and little santa ornaments fill up every little corner. So get your Christmas on. Comment below and tell me what you think.


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