So I’m starting a new diet/fitness/I don’t know what you call it thing today. It’s where I do an hour of Wii fit everyday and try to cut down dinner and I’m only allowed sweets and those foods every so long. I’m not that big but I just feel big and I don’t want to be one of those people saying that its models that do this because I am a model and everybody is so nice and everybody and anybody can be a model.

There are more types of models than just the ones you see in Vogue. Theres models for McDonald’s commercials, models for denature repair, models for +size stores and so on. So I blame it on the way people judge each other and this doesn’t just go for weight this goes for other things like what you’re wearing.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve toned down what I’m wearing to have people give me looks like “ummm WTF”. But back to my diet, I have a few dot points that I’ve learnt that are crucial in dieting and are the mistakes people always make that can leave them gaining weight…

STARVING YOURSELF MAKES YOU GAIN WEIGHT: really skinny people starve themselves and think that it lets them lose weight but to put it shortly it actually slows down your metabolism and makes you gain weight the only way some people get away with it is they have a fast metabolism to begin with.

HAVE SNACKS: to speed up your metabolism is to constantly eat lots of small meals instead of big meals.

EAT BREAKFAST: this is the biggest mistake people make, the quickest way to speed up your metabolism and lose weight is to have a big breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner mixed in with small snacks.

So there my tips and opinions. What do you think? comment below…



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