I was at the shops yesterday and I kept passing all these kids sitting in the trolley with iPhones. This wasnt the first time I’ve seen this and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. When I was little I used to help my mum with the shopping and if I was good I would get a matchbox car. But now it’s changed to if my kids screaming give him angry birds.

I just don’t think its right, normally I embrace tech revolutions but this is one I feel like the iPhones giving him/her playtime instead of him/her playing with toys and making their own stories which is more creative.

EWWWWW and also OH MY GOD!!! I was in Target and I was paying for some things and the guy cashier had these really long nails. But not just “havent clipped in a while” nails, these were like he actually grew them. One hand was all normal then the other had these long manicured nails.

ANYWAY share your thoughts in the comments below…and dont be afraid anyone can comment and I love comments


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