My names Zachary Davies, I live in Australia I love Japan, Nintendo, watches, dark chocolate, unboxing things, fashion (but I’m not just saying that like attention whores do, I actually like fashion), IKEA and some more things I can’t remember right now.

My favourite colour is green but I’ve started to really enjoy the company of orange and mustard yellow.

I don’t hate that much just mainly sluts and attention whores. And people who ruin things like I don’t want to tell anyone I want to live in New York because they say it when I actually do genuinely want to live in New York or Japan and run that mothaa.

Anyways This is my blog and its a way for me to vent all my stress and talk about basically everything that I like and hate.

:–)  <- that’s my pedophile smiley face that I made up all by myself.


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