Why you should sleep more

One thing that really gets me going is when people show up late to class first period and just put their head on the desk or constantly keep yawning. Even though they wake up 8:00am which means they have enough sleep even if they went to bed at midnight. And then they come to where I’m trying to get some education and they just complain about how they cant do this because they’re too tired. Well here’s a big bright idea for you DONT STAY UP UNTIL 1 AM WATCHING TEEN MOM SO THE NEXT DAY ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN AND PLAY HEADS DOWN THUMBS UP ON THE DESKS BECAUSE YOUR SLEEP DEPRIVED!!

It’s not even the fact that they cam late or that they complained about what work were doing. It’s the fact that they keep yawning and yawning and pretending that its nap time now. They don’t know nothing, I go to bed 10:30 and wake up at 5:00am so by the time I go to sleep I get about 6 hours of sleep even though we need 8 to be normal. Wanna know my secret…

ROUTINE!! I have an exact schedule that I live by every day in the morning and it’s not even complicated its just goes like this…

5:00: wake up

5:10: eat breakfast

5:40: get changed

6:00: feed pets so they don’t die

6:20: go on computer until 8

seriously and I do that and I don’t come complaining I do my work and get education so I can have a life. Now I’m not saying be a freak like me but just get some sleep, get a Tivo and record teen mom or just see the person your on IM with the next day. Comment below and give me your thoughts.



Ohhh my god I found this today and I completely forgot about it. This video is actually my favourite video of all time and I’m not even playing. Even family gut did their own parody of it. (watch the whole thing the funny bit happens at the end)

How to make a pencil case

I make pencil cases ALLLLLL the time so I know how to make them really easy. But when I first started I couldn’t find any tutorials that helped me, they were all so complicated. So I made this DIY thing for you all.

Before you start your going to need: an A4 piece of felt or A4 size piece of fabric, 18cm or 20cm zipper (I used 18), scissors, pins, unpicker (not pictured but optional) and a sewing machine or you can handsew but that’s more difficult.

STEP 1: To begin cut your piece of fabric in half.

STEP 2: Sew the two pieces together 1.5cm from the edge (no need for reverse stitch)

STEP 3: Open it up and sew the zipper in.

STEP 4: Then unpick the stitching I have and open up the zip (leave it open)

Step 5: Then pin together and sew together like I have below.

Step 5: Cut off the excess fabric on the edges.

YOUR DONE! just turn inside out and enjoy. I make them all the time and you can even customise them by adding things ontop of them.


I miss my sims

I’m sooooo bored at the moment. All I want to do is play the sims 3 like all my friends are but I can’t because my disk is glitching and that’s basically it. Buuuuttttt I do have pictures of the family I made which I thought you might like…

Well I tried to get the pictures on but my computers a whore and it wont let me so I’ll get those later. Right now I’m watching old movies that I’ve seen a billion times before…

Sluts faking injuries

So yesterday me and my friends were eating lunch when all the whores were having a water fight and screaming. Then this girl (who I shall call X to keep her identity secret) ran past tripped over and landed on her bum to which she started laughing. Then her friend came over and she started crying…1 word…..FAKERRR. (and BTW me and my group were all laughing at her the whole time)

Now before I continue I should quickly explain. X is a person that everyone hates; she shouts at people, she has attitude, she complains about everything etc. A while ago she twisted her ankle or something so she had crutches (fair enough) But when I asked her how long shed have them for she said 3 weeks. Well 9 weeks later she still has them on and needs help with everything. Even though she can still go to parties and dance without it.

Anyway I should stop before I keep ranting about that alone I’ll continue… So we all went to our next class. Where my class was I could see her there and she was taken away with a wheelchair. But after half a day with one crutch she doesn’t have it anymore.

But in less annoying news I got a new iPod touch and its white and its amazing and I love it andddd…..Im happy with that.

Comment below and share your experiences with annoying sluts that you know.


Weird people in the City

Today I went to the city for the day for Japanese, IT WAS A FANJANGULOUS OUTING!!! But you get some people in the city…some people you just do-not know about. I had a few like that today. But nothing out of the normal gutter sluts, homeless people and freaky emos that you normally see.

We were running around the city in an amazing race type competition. We were almost done and just running to the finish when I heard this guy shouting. Then I see this big blank space with no people and in the middle this man shouting stuff about jesus. I was trying to listen and I think he knew that no-one was listening.

He was saying things like “you think you know about that well it isn’t and bible jesus HELP ME GOD”…. so I was a bit like what are you trying to gain from this? he didn’t look crazy, he was well dressed, he wasnt selling anything and he wasnt recording this stuff for YouTube. Sooooo that was my day.

But other than that I had a jammennn day. How have you been doing?? comment below ITS FREEEEEEEE!!!!!

Turn Lego into 8-bit art


If you have a blank space in your house that needs something to fill it in then I have the easiest possible DIY project. All you need is Lego and an 8-bit picture of what you want to make. I do it all the time and it actually looks like 8-bit things just sitting there. One tip though if it falls over just do what I did in the picture below. Send me pictures of what you did at zacharykingdom@hotmail.com and ill put my favourite in a post.



10 tips for a happy Halloween at home

Tip 1: preparation is key so make sure you have alot of boyfriend breakup foods. Such as cake, chocolate, whipping cream and anything else that’s going to make your legs look like cottage cheese.

Tip 2: Ignore people dressed as whore skeletons because that would give them self-respect and worth.

Tip 3:  poison People’s plants because you have a hate for humanity.

Tip 4: When kids come to your door take their candy.

Tip 5: When you see ugly kids at your door spray chlorine in their little mouths.

Tip 6: Cut yourself.

Tip 7: Go to Zachary Kingdom because it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen ever.

Tip 8: Eat all of your food in the first 10 minutes because your depressed.

Tip 9: Eat the cats food.

Tip 10: Cry.


Now all you have to do is enjoy the amazing Halloween you’ve set up for yourself.

Paranormal Activity 3

I’ve seen paranormal activity 1 and 2 and I never found them scary, it was more the suspense of something about to happen. However number 3 is alot different. If you’re wondering if its scary or not then it was but it wasnt. To be honest it isn’t the scariest movie I’ve ever seen but it works well because your constantly in that feeling of somethings gonna happen. Anyway I divided it into sections to make it easier to explain…

IT IS BECAUSE: the way its filmed is like that moment in a scary movie when you know somethings about to pop out but you don’t know when, which makes it a bit more scary.

IT ISNT BECAUSE: however more of it isn’t for me. What I find scary is when you actually have freaky things popping out at you, but it’s just weird things happening and you don’t actually see anything but a dark figure.

WHAT ANNOYED ME: I’ve seen most of the trailers and I noticed that half of that stuff wasnt actually in the movie, things like the exorcism and just extra footage. Which means that it could have been longer than just and hour and a half. So I just want to mention that…

HOWEVER: I still loved it and I think you need to watch it because number 3 is the best so far. The best part is the last 15 minutes, that’s when everything completely changes and it leaves you going OH MY GOD WHHHAAAAATTTT.

SPOILER ALERT: I neeeeeeeed to mention this. I just found the freakiest bit the end when the guy goes outside and all of those women that was part of the cult were there and he ran around the house and all the symbols were on the walls. then you see his wife hanging lifeless on top of the staircase. and the freakiest bit was finding out the grandmother was the main one and when she broke his back TWICE that was just ewwwww. Those last 15 minutes were messed up.

Comment below and tell me what you thought…